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A Boy and His Cat


— Rin had continued to make small noised while his head was buried against Haru, nudging and rubbing against the shirt. He let his instincts get the better of him and while that kind of thing would be normal back at the Home, in his new living arrangement it would be considered odd. And Rin really wanted to make a good impression.

   The soft touch in his hair brought him out of his wailing, instead blinking in shock. Haru was patting him. And speaking so tenderly too. Had Haru done that yet? Not that Rin could remember very well, not like this. The other time was a rub of his ears. The small boys cheek felt warm and he continued to hide until he was sure his face cooled down.

   The announcement of another game soon got Rin to come back out again, claiming that he would win and show him his true power.

"Ready to try something else?" Haruka questioned when a new game was decided and he shook his head at Rin’s claim that he’d best him at this one instead. That remained to be seen.

They were disrupted before they could begin by Makoto’s mother bringing them refreshments and before she departed she offered Haruka and Rin the opportunity to stay.

She left them to ponder over it as they began their next game and as they played Haruka posed the question to Rin instead. 

"Do you want to stay?" Haru, of course, did not mind either way, but he wasn’t sure how well the kitten would take to staying somewhere else new so soon after getting a new home.

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Revelations || nanasefreestyle


He looked at him for another moment, even more certain that something was off and already being agitated from earlier on along with the frustration at Sousuke now who was clearly hiding something… Rin shifted abruptly and moved to grip at the other’s arm so he could turn him around to face him. Enough was enough and he really wanted to know what’s been going on with him lately.

Obviously there was something beyond having an off day. Gou had seen Sousuke the day he took off from practice and Rin hadn’t thought that whatever the taller male had to do… would have led him to head to Iwatobi just to take care of it. “Just tell me what it is already, Sousuke!” He exclaimed as soon has he got him to face him.

Trying to resist only proved to make the situation worse. A searing pain coursed through his shoulder when Rin pulled on his arm to bring him round to face him and try as he might he couldn’t hold back the grunt of pain. He’d hoped he’d have enough time to cover his expression too, but when he stared down at Rin it was all too clear that the red-head had witnessed the way his expression had contorted before he’d tried to cover it.

Even now he was sure the sign of pain still lingered on his features for it was a  monumental task just not to let it show. There was no way he could say there was nothing wrong now but Rin was already so frustrated and his reaction to the news was something Sousuke never wanted to see.

"I said it’s nothing, didn’t I?" He snarled, narrowing his eyes at the other before he stepped to the side in order to pass Rin and exit the showers. This wasn’t the right place for this discussion and no matter how wrong it was of him to leave, he knew he had to.



He could smell the alcohol in the air that surrounded Haruka and Rin wondered how many drinks have Haruka had so far. Rin never imagined Haruka as someone that would drink, especially since the boy was so obsessed with water. Rin decided not to think too much about it, stepping closer to the raven-head as an idea crossed his mind.

Rin grabbed Haruka’s wrist, a gentle touch that became rough once he pushed the boy against the nearest wall. He was so close to those lips again, the temptation was so big now.

Seven minutes in heaven…” he whispered as a warning, sealing those words with a kiss over Haruka’s lips as he wrapped an arm around the other’s body and pulled him closer.

He could taste the booze in Haruka’s mouth, perfect.

It was hard to judge what would happen next. The sounds of voices and music filled his ears, messing with his senses along with the alcohol which coursed through his veins and though he couldn’t put a name to it he felt different somehow. 

He looked up when he sensed Rin moving closer towards him though he’d never expected him to do anything. When he did, it caught Haruka off guard and his body went far too easily in the direction Rin wanted.

Caught up in what was happening he barely registered the impact of his back against the wall and he had little time to process the words before he felt familiar lips upon his once more.

For a moment his mind shut down and he gave into the kiss, following Rin’s lead without thought and moving his lips against the other’s. His senses returned to him before long though and when they did he pulled back, pushing his hands between himself and Rin to hold him off.

No… not here.

There were so many people and so much chance of being caught and the thought alone was horrifying to Haruka but Rin was so tempting and whether it was that or the booze, he didn’t know, but the desire to give in to him again was strong.

"Not here…" He managed to whisper to him and he could only hope that Rin had an alternative in mind.

Crossing Seas


“You can’t be serious, Haru.” Now Rin was getting slightly annoyed by the other’s stubbornness. “Everybody does it! You’re not fooling anyone.”

"Why are you still going on about this?" Not everyone did it and even if they did that didn’t mean everyone had to admit it and Haruka certainly was not up for admitting anything of the sort.

It started with a text.


“Listen Haru, I…” It was harder than he expected. Rin knew exactly what he wanted to say but, having those blue eyes staring back at him made everything more difficult. In the end, he had to exhale a deep breathe through his nose while he looked away. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to rush you like that.”

I don’t wanna fight in our first day together, under the same stars.

“I’m just… taking you so seriously, and I thought it wouldn’t be weird or too fast to invite you over like that. I’m here for just a week, and I’ll probably be back until December. That’s why I thought that… maybe…”

Those crimson eyes’ met the floor, but Rin cleared his throat right away and added: “I respect your decision, I really do. We’re going to do things your way, as fast or slow as you want. As long as you’re happy.”

"Rin…" Haru’s heart sunk with those words, more for the disappointment and self-doubt he’d caused than for what Rin actually said. He could understand the excitement Rin had felt and why he might have wanted to move so fast considering their time together was so short and that only made him feel worse. 

I want to do this for you… but I can’t, not just yet…

"I can’t explain it." I don’t even want to try for fear of making it worse. "But it’s only the first day and I’m… This is all new to me so… I just need time." How long he needed, he didn’t know and he hated that but it couldn’t be helped. He was already fighting to keep up with what was happening, afraid that he might do something wrong and push Rin away.

As he spoke, he retraced his steps, joining up with Rin again and sliding his hand between Rin’s fingers in the hope that he would somehow miraculously understand.

"I’m sorry—"

Revelations || nanasefreestyle


"You were half on the floor…" Ruby reds seeming to search the other’s gaze a moment, trying to decipher any hidden notions within the taller’s eyes before he sighed softly, concern still evident. "The way you swam today wasn’t like you normally did either." Something that was beginning to be a little too common for it to really be just ‘nothing’ as Sousuke had been trying to make it out to be.

So, with these combining facts and the sight of the other male on the floor earlier. It’d take a lot more convincing to be sure it was alright. Though there were chances that wouldn’t work this time either. It was just a niggling feeling combined with everything else. Rin was getting to be certain something was incredibly wrong with his friend. And he wanted to know what it was.

"So what?" It was pathetic of him to try and make out as if sitting on the floor in the showers was normal, but what other option did he have? Telling Rin the truth was not possible, least of all now when Rin needed to be strong both physically and mentally in order to succeed. No, Sousuke wasn’t going to be the one to hold him back, not for a reason like this.

"I’m just having an off day, okay? Honestly, it’s nothing to worry about."  He turned behind him to switch of the shower as he spoke, trying not to think of what would happen the next time he had to swim in front of Rin. How was he going pass it off next time?