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Hey guys, my precious lil kouhai, Sakura reached a follower milestone and she’s so cute and sweet that I think if you don’t already follow her you definitely should! ;D



I need like an airport scene after the relay matches and stuff where rin is ready to go to Australia and the samezuka and iwatobi guys are there to send him off and rin realizes that haru wasn’t there to bid him farewell then haru walks in with his luggage and stuff

-activates bby dolphin eyes- Senpaaaaiii, do the URL thing for me too? pwease?? -clings to leg-

Here you go cutie, harukasakurapetals <3

Send me a url and I’ll record my voice saying the url along with what I think of them.


Send “WA-PISH!!” For My Muse’s reaction to Your’s swatting them on the ass…

Rin’s eyes widened as he felt a disturbance in the force something, someone, smack his ass. He stood there for a minute in disbelief as he slowly turned to face the culprit. Rin couldn’t say he was surprised, but his interest was definitely peaked. 

"Haru," Rin glared and made his way closer to him, "what was that for?" He tried to pull off his most menacing look as a low growl escaped him, "You want to start something?"

It was a bold move, especially as far as Haruka went, yet he stood his ground when Rin turned to face him, moving ever closer with his best attempt at a glare.

"Yes." Starting something was definitely on the agenda.