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     The time had come quicker than he ever could’ve imagined. And his nervousness was unparalleled. For any other student his age, this particular feeling of helplessness was usually attributed to exams, academic or familial stress. His however, was a much more personal distress. Given who he was with, what they were doing in Tokyo… and what was going to happen.

     As he had said; the summer holidays had crept up on him quicker than expected, beginning not four days before. When the shark had called him to inform him that this time, he would be coming out to Tokyo with him, making the whole six day round trip with him for treatment……

     Instead of just coming up for the last two days before he came home. Because he wasn’t just having chemo this time.

     They were taking all of the tests again. And they were going to go in and check the tissue; which meant… he had to have surgery.

     As they made their way into the hospital, Haruka having demanded to be allowed to carry his bags, they had instantly been ushered to begin his check in. After being taken away for a quick check up, Rin being directed to Haru’s private room. He had a few blood samples taken, he had been given a shower, all before he was taken back to his room to begin settling in. Settling in was something the half-out-patients seemed to get into, coming in a day before so they were comfortable when they had intensive treatment. Haruka was one of the few who did this; as many of the patients simply stayed, particularly at this facility. His parents had spared no expense…

     He sat by the window with Rin, the nurses flurrying in and out, making sure that he was fine while he was fasting, bringing more water, bottle after bottle, and the occasional visit by a nurse simply to check on him. Busy, busy. The actual visit by Dr. Yamato had been the finality of the day. He had explained his upcoming surgery, reassured him quietly with the same kindness he always did… they were going in to look at the swelling in his spine that had been impeding his walking for the last week or so; towards the middle of his back and a rounded lump that prickled and burnt with stabbing pain whenever there was too much pressure on it. The doctor seemed to think it was a fluid buildup; tension in his back from the white blood cells convening to try and fight the weaknesses in his bones. 

     Haruka knew it was bad. Rin didn’t quite understand it all, but he knew that it was worrying him.

     ("This… isn’t pretty… I don’t…"

      “No, you aren’t getting rid of me now. I don’t care if it’s pretty or not Haru, I’m here for you. Surgery and chemotherapy won’t change my mind. I’m here… to help you.”)

     That had been the end of the discussion. The day had worn on, and the visits had gradually grown less. While Rin was in the bathroom, he had ordered him some dinner; some steak (quests only) and vegetables, some other basic foods and some tea. Haruka himself, as he was fasting, because of surgery, he was left with water, and the occasional piece of fruit that they allowed. Usually apples or bananas. Anything else seemed to acidic.

     As the sun started to set and the nurses came in to give him his final check up before they closed the doors on their rounds, Rin’s bed set up on the opposite side of the room ("You are not using that… I want you here…”), Rin’s dinner was brought and Haruka supplied with his water, as well as told the details of his IV’s for the morning, as well as the medication he would be on. It was more than previous… they were upping his doses.

     He didn’t react well to the chemo anyway. This… wouldn’t be nice.

     ”Rin… you don’t have to sit at a table and eat,” he told him mere moments after the door fell shut, his lips quirking up into a small smile. He ran a hand over the (admittedly soft) sheets of the (smaller, hospital sized Queen) bed. “C’mere… you can bring your food.”

Rin had been prepared for Haruka to refuse when he asked to accompany him for the entirety of the trip he usually made without him. What he hadn’t be prepared for was for Haruka to relent so easily. Sure he’d refused at first and though Rin wouldn’t have taken no for an answer it still honestly hadn’t taken much to change his mind.

Upon arriving he’d spent the time of Haru’s absence sat in the corner of his private room entertaining himself with his phone and the few study books he’d brought with him just incase and certainly not napping for a few minutes here and there, no, definitely not.

It was hard not to be tired though and the boredom certainly hadn’t helped keep him awake. The journey had been long for both of them and now that they were here Rin did his best to stay out of the way of Haruka and the doctors. It wasn’t particularly exciting and though Haru was so close, it still felt somewhat lonely to know that he couldn’t really stick to him without being reprimanded for getting in the way.

Believe him, he’d tried but what could he say? He had a knack for scooting over whenever someone came to check on him. He couldn’t really blame the nurses for being firm with him, Haruka needed to relax after all but he really wasn’t as bad of an influence as he might have appeared to be.

In the end, he’d settled for the chair by the table and remained there for most of the afternoon, simply watching the nurses flit about as they monitored Haruka.

Even though the raven sat with him for some time, it was difficult to grab more than a few minutes of undisturbed quiet and somehow that made their time together feel different. 

He’d snuck away towards the end of Haruka’s discussion with Dr. Yamato, hoping that Haru would believe his claim of needing the bathroom was more genuine than it was.

It was a lot to take in in one day though and as he wet his face in the sink he thought over the parts of the conversation he’d been present for. Of course Haru had filled him in in the past but this was the first time he’d heard each and every word from the doctors mouth without anything kindly omitted by his lover and well… the worry felt that much heavier on his chest.

When he’d returned the doctor was gone and Haru brought the news that food had been ordered, to which Rin was more than delighted with the choice before remembering Haruka’s fast and dulling his excitement to compensate. 

It arrived soon after along with the nurses who were finishing their rounds and promised them some peace for the night. Rin had gratefully accepted his food and slunk back off to the table with it, trying not to make it obvious that he still listened to the final details passed on to Haruka.

They bid goodnight to the nurses in synchrony and before long a blissful silence fell over the room.


It felt as if this day would never end, but of course, it hadn’t quite yet. He was reminded of this when Haruka called out to him and he looked up to the bed just before taking his next bite.

"You don’t mind?" He questioned, though he knew doing so was pointless. Haruka wouldn’t make a suggestion if he was opposed to it but he hadn’t quite expected to be invited over whilst he still had food that he could dirty the bed with.

Despite his request for reassurance he didn’t exactly wait for confirmation. A moment’s hesitation was all it took before he plopped the forkful of food into his mouth and dropped the now empty cutlery to his place before scooping the plate up and padding over to the bed.

He took up the space beside Haruka, soon swinging his legs up onto the bed as he pressed a light kiss to the dolphin’s cheek before digging back into his food.

"How’re you feeling?"

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Fight or Fall


     ”…yeah, thanks,” Haruka told him as he grabbed a pair of pyjama bottoms from his bottom drawer; flannels that his father had brought him, quality ones; not the thinner fabric. He had taken to actually wearing thicker clothing to bed, as after he turned the gas off, it could get quite cold in the middle of the night, and where he didn’t feel it before, he most certainly felt it now.

     Grabbing a cotton t-shirt, again something his parents had bought for him; his mother this time, who had disagreed with his printed shirts, instead favouring some thicker cotton ones of a higher brand that were a little more cut. Yet, where the shirt once fit him like a glove, it was a little bit loose, particularly around the shoulders. His collarbone peaked out from the v-neck with an almost sharp air, his shoulders pulled inwards as he dressed himself. “You’ll have to use your own socks… sorry.”

     Rin’s feet were bigger than his, what could he say?

     He gave the smallest of quivers as he leant back against his desk, pulling a leg up to tug the sock on a little haphazardly. Haruka could feel his hunger rising in his gut; he hadn’t eaten since late in the morning and he could feel his stomach close to rumbling. 

Rin began to rummage through the closet searching first for the biggest hoody he could find for himself and secondly for the thickest for Haruka. Once he’d located them, he padded over to to the bed and as Haruka was still dressing, he laid out the hoody for him and pulled the other one on, sighing appreciatively at the warmth it provided.

"Or I could warm them up on you." He snickered, nudging the side of Haruka’s clothed leg as if to make a point of his joke. He didn’t remain there for long though and before Haruka could assume he was being serious he had already moved to his pile of clothes and dug out the socks he’d been wearing when he arrived. 

"Mhmm. It’s still a little chilly." He mused as he leant back onto his hands after pulling them on, now watching Haruka as he finished changing. Despite his layers the house had not yet warmed up and if he could feel it then he was sure Haruka could too. He didn’t want to baby him, but would just a t-shirt and hoody really be enough for him?

Fight or Fall


     Haruka had set about drying the rest of his body as soon as Rin had left, a hand reaching down to unplug the bath before he set a leg up on the side of the warm porcelain to wipe himself dry, holding onto the bench just in case… he didn’t want to hurt himself. As he wiped the water from his legs, he contemplated the idea of tonight.

     Rin was staying over. For the first time in just over a month. Since the semester had come back, and Rin had become captain, they hadn’t had all that much time to spend together; but they occasionally found time. The shark hadn’t stayed over since before holidays…

     I shouldn’t be keeping him here, he needs to go back to school tomorrow; he needs rest. He’s had training all afternoon…

     But he was the one who asked to stay the night.

As he wrapped the towel around him again, both legs dry, giving a small shiver as the cold began to permeate the room, he turned at the sound of footsteps on the stairs. He turned his eyes up towards Rin’s, and noted that he was standing there half-naked before him, in nothing but a towel. Blinking once, then twice, he swallowed thickly and let his eyes fall away, padding across the cooler tiles towards the door. “…yeah, let’s get you into some clothes…”

     His room, just down the hall a little, was colder than the bathroom. He didn’t stop as he entered his room, instead heading straight over to his drawers to try and find something that would fit him. He had a few t-shirts that were a little big on him, considering he’d lost a bit of weight over the last few weeks, but they probably wouldn’t be quite big enough for him… “Here,” he mumured, still holding his towel around his waist as he passed him a navy t-shirt, faded just a little with the logo of some beach-location his parents he had accompanied Makoto’s family to a few years back, before grabbing a pair of his sweatpants (grey, drawstring, much like what he had been wearing lately) and shoving them in his direciton. “Hoodies are in the closet…”

He scooped up his own clothes from the pile he’d left them in on the bathroom floor when Haru passed him and together they walked to his room.

As Haruka rooted through the drawers, Rin folded up his clothes, leaving in them in a somewhat neat pile beside the bed before turning back to the dolphin in time to catch the clothes he threw his way. Honestly, he’d have preferred Haruka to dress himself first considering the lack of heat in the room but he couldn’t change what was done and hopefully now that he’d sorted clothes out for Rin he’d take care of himself too.

"Do you want a hoody too?" He asked, swapping out the towel at his waist for the sweatpants before moving to pull the shirt over his head.

It was just a little too small, yet not uncomfortably so and while it felt tight around his broad chest and shoulders he was happy to wear it. He just hoped Haruka wouldn’t reprimand him if he happened to stretch it a little.